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Candidate Scott Etches. Whitehorse, 2018.

Scott Etches, The Agenda

My agenda for Whitehorse includes creating affordable housing opportunities for all economic groups, reducing homelessness, integrating service providers for a continuum of support for those in need, enhancing our transit and traffic flows, developing our trail system and creating economic opportunities by tax relief and innovation. I understand the need for fiscal responsibility in the delivery of services and if elected will work to realize efficiencies within our government system. In order to address these complex issues it is necessary to develop City Council into an innovative leadership role.

"Working towards healthy inclusive communities making informed decisions. "

- Scott Etches

Scott Etches.

Housing in Whitehorse.

Affordable and Liveable Housing

Community Land Trust: City Council can be a leader in creating housing options in the City of Whitehorse. We can create affordable housing units by utilizing the tools of others to great success. The City of Vancouver has recently started the build of a thousand new homes geared towards the 30,000 to 80,000 income bracket. They accomplished this through the use of a Community Land Trust. Community land trusts are nonprofit corporations that develop and steward affordable housing, community gardens, civic buildings, commercial spaces and other community assets on behalf of a community. Whitehorse can alleviate the stress on our housing sector by adoption of a land trust in our community. Post a Comment.

Universal Accessible Housing: City Council can be a leader in developing liveable housing units by encouraging developers to create universally accessible housing units. Not only will promoting these units make it possible for persons with disabilities to have housing throughout the community but they also allow our seniors to age in place. As people age their housing needs change and we can ensure that housing options are available to ensure that our seniors can live longer in the homes they love. Post a Comment.

Addressing Homelessness with Integrated Service Delivery

It is my contention that in order to effectively address resolving our homeless issues in Whitehorse that we need to work at integrating our social service providers. We have the funding flowing into our community to address the issue but are faced with vertical silos of service providers working in isolation. It is difficult for a person who is homeless to navigate the maze of opportunities without us first creating a continuum of support by connecting the dots. Council can show a leadership role by engaging these service providers to ensure that there is a clear path on next steps for healing. Post a Comment.

Homeless in Whitehorse.

Whitehorse transit.

Transit and Traffic Flows, Parking

In order to afford fluid transit we need to have the critical mass of transit users to rationalize increased services. This requires population densities. It is impractical to send buses into remote suburbs and expect the ridership will pay for the services. We need the frequency that makes it practical as a transportation option. Though until we realize these densities in projects like Whistlebend we have an obligation to connect our citizens to the community as a whole. Seniors in the new elder care facility do need services in order to connect them to healthy lifestyles that include participating in our community events. Increasing public transportation will also reduce the pressures on downtown parking and traffic flows as we face the challenge of car dependent neighborhoods. Post a Comment.

Traffic flows could be enhanced by making 2nd and 4th avenues one way streets. This would facilitate additional parkiing opportunities along these corridors Post a Comment.

Zoning Bylaws and the OCP

It would be prudent for Whitehorse to adopt a priority on infill development. Rather than sprawling out, Whitehorse should look to growing up. We should house consumers within arms reach of businesses, recreational opportunities and services. To enhance the inter-connectedness of Whitehorse we should always keep in mind the benefits of developing and maintaining our trail network to facilitate transportation alternatives. Whitehorse with the catchphrase as The Wilderness City, should always look to environmentally sensitive approaches to facilitate being a desirable and liveable city. Post a Comment.

Zoning Bylaws in Whitehorse.

Community Engagement.

Community Engagement

Municipal governments are charged with building roads and regulating the construction of buildings but it is the role of our NGOs and community groups to make a city a home. The Council can show leadership in assisting these groups accomplish socially beneficial goals. In return we can look to our citizens to participate in making Whitehorse a great place to live. Transparent, accountable and responsive governorship empowers our citizens to assume community ownership. We should strive to make Whitehorse not just a place to live but a home to live in and be proud of. Post a Comment.

Whitehorse Crime Reduction

It is my firm belief that restorative justice is very effective at steering our young away from criminal activity. As a City Councilor in Mission, B.C. I had the honor of initiating, with Council, a restorative justice practice in that community. We saw a decrease in auto theft by 67% and property crime by 42% within two years of starting the program. With the high rates of crime in the Yukon I feel it is a strategy worth trying. By focusing on our young offenders we can free up resources for the RCMP to target our lifestyle criminals. Post a Comment.

Crime Reduction in Whitehorse.

Fiscal Responsibility.

Fiscal Responsibility

The city of Whitehorse needs to be fiscally responsible to implement services that benefit our citizens. In order to do that we have to be forward thinking and understand the shortfalls of reactive spending and planning. I would like to see the adoption of three and five budget projections being included in the annual budget process. How can we spend today without anticipating tomorrow? Though we need efficiencies in the finance dept. to free up time for revenue generation. Post a Comment.

Council should consider lobbying for access to one or more consumption-based locally rated taxes levied in conjunction with existing territorial taxes. Post a Comment.

Adopt sustainable financial practices utilized by NGOs, Social Enterprise. Whitehorse has a name with a great reputation and we should look to licence out our brand to businesses that would compliment our tourism industry. For example mountain bikes and camping gear. Post a Comment.

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